Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christmas Angel

This three-dimensional craft pattern took some trial and error to design, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the end result. The angel stands about 15cm, or 6 inches. The dress, or body, is cone-shaped and can stand on any flat surface. It could also sit on top of a small Christmas tree.

 The pattern comes with three parts which you can colour and then assemble with glue or tape:
1. Body/head  
2. wings
3. arms/hands holding a star

It’s another good excuse to crack out the glitter during craft time!

Christmas Stars

It wouldn’t be Christmas without making an ornament or two! These pretty stars can be cut out and hung around the room, from the ceiling, from door handles, from a mobile, or on a tree!

You also have options on how you would like to decorate them:  resist painting, collage, watercolour, crayon, glitter, colour pencil.

The 5 different star patterns can be easily purchased and downloaded from my shop. Have fun!

3-D Christmas Tree

I can recall making a version of this craft many times as a child. It was easy to cut out three tree-shapes from green construction paper and glue them together to stand up on a table. Decorating it with glitter and drawing ornaments with coloured markers was fun too.

 I’ve made this craft pattern with directions and ornaments printed on it so you can easily make one without having to try to figure out how it’s done. I recommend photocopying the tree to cardstock for sturdiness.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate the tree:

-Resist painting: Colour the ornaments with crayon, then paint the tree with green watercolour.

-Photocopy the trees to green paper, then glue sequins and pom-poms on top of the ornaments.

-Finger paint

-Colour the trees and ornaments with marker/texta, crayon, oil pastel, or colour pencil.

Stocking and Candy Canes

It’s so much fun to celebrate the season by decorating the house or classroom. (It’s also very useful to pass time by giving little ones something simple to colour and cut out when there’s so much for you to do at the closing of the year!) As a child I made countless versions of paper stockings and candy canes.

This colouring sheet includes a stocking and two candy canes and can be purchased in my shop. You can reproduce a handful or a dozen candy canes and hang them up on a garland.

The stocking pattern can be used simply as is or decorated with collage—it’s up to you how involved you want it to be. You might want to make a backing for the stocking, staple it together, and fill it with treats or small gifts such as a bookmark. Scaled down, it can house a real candy cane and will make a nice gift.

Poinsettia Craft

This is a simple craft pattern that you can download for free. It makes for a lovely Christmas decoration, or can be placed on a holiday greeting card to give to some one.

The pattern comes with three parts and you can either paint the paper green and red or photocopy them to coloured paper. A good option for fine motor skill practice is to roll little yellow balls of tissue paper and glue them in the middle. For a really nice touch, sprinkle glitter in the middle too.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Working Beaver

I can remember learning about hard-working beavers when I was in kindergarten. I enjoyed learning about any cute, fuzzy animal. They look a bit like an overgrown squirrel or chipmunk. But the fascinating part is that they have that unusual tail, which is quite useful as they spend a lot of time in water. This makes them a good introduction to the diversity of wildlife.

You can also reference their nature when encouraging good work ethics. “Come on, little beavers, let’s work together and use these blocks to build a castle…”

You can purchase my Working Beaver craft pattern here. The craft comes with two parts: the beaver and a small branch. The branch is designed to fit in-between the hands when you cut two slots for it to slide into.

The craft will go very well alongside books on beavers, beaver dam-building dramatic play, as well as outdoor sensory play. Here’s a couple links to some basic ideas and pictures for activities:

 The Working Beaver will look nice displayed on a bulletin board with a small dam cut out of coloured paper! 

Friday, 22 June 2012

3-D Fish

I had some fun designing this happy stuffed fish pattern! It comes with the two sides of the fish which you can fill with tissue or newspaper and staple shut. It also has a fin for each side which you glue on.

Children can colour it or paint it and after it’s been stuffed, it will be fun to hang from the ceiling or in a mobile. It will be prefect to use when you are learning about aquatic life—it will look great on a bulletin board with blue cellophane, seaweed, and sea shells!

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by my shop!